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Agrati this year will present 'at Euroguss with the last evolution of the ENERGY SAVING hot chamber press. New because it 'has been completely designed with the intent to obtain a significant energy savings. It's a machine totally proportional, with digital control of all the speeds and pressures also of the second phase injection. Equipped with brushless motors with very low absorption and high-performance gear pump. In a nutshell: Think and BUILT FOR THE FUTURE.

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The new lubricator can move along the axis with great accuracy (tenth of a millimetre) and apply the lubricant at different heights and for different periods, under automatic control or controlled by the operator using the touchscreen panel. Lubrication can be done using lubricant or air and with different systems (e.g., descending with lubricant and ascending with air, spraying the moving platen or the fixed platen, etc.).

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