Ingot feeding

The automatic ingot feeder guarantees the maintenance of the optimal level of metal in the crucible with automated management of times and frequency of dipping; the preheating of the ingots, in addition to decreasing energy consumption, allows to minimize the temperature variations of the molten metal for the benefit of the quality of the parts produced.

System based on cameras for mould protection

Control technology for safeguarding and protecting the mould based on very high speed and sensitive vision sensors; specific control areas programmable in number and size. The system is fully integrated into the machine HMI.

Automatic spraying lubricators

Our customers can choose, from the dies lubricating systems range of Agrati-AEE, the one that best suits their production needs; all models are fully integrated and are managed and programmable by the machine HMI.

Working cells with robots and trimming presses

Our machines can be supplied in a work cell tailor made for the customer; including robots for the extraction and management of the casted parts and the subsequent elements for automated handling such as conveyor belts and trimming presses for the separation of the sprues.

Fume extraction hoods

Hoods with manual or motorized movement for the closing area and for the oven area; totally integrated in the structure of the machine and ready to be connected to the extraction system of the plant.

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