May 13, 2024

Die casting machines: applications

Die-casting is a key industrial production process for the manufacture of metal components in many sectors. Within this process, die casting machines play a key role, guaranteeing maximum precision and quality in the production of complex parts.

The two die-casting methods

There are two main methods of die casting:

  • Hot chamber die casting: the molten metal is kept in a heated chamber inside the machine, ensuring a constant temperature during injection into the mould. This method is suitable for complex components with intricate geometries and requires alloys with high fluidity, such as zamak and lead.
  • Cold chamber die casting: the molten metal is poured directly into the open mould from an external crucible. This method is simpler and more robust, suitable for larger components and less complex geometries. It can be used with a wider range of alloys, including aluminium, brass, magnesium, cast iron and other alloys

Choosing the right technology

The choice between hot chamber and cold chamber die casting depends on several factors, including:

  • Geometrical complexity of the component: for complex components, hot chamber die casting is generally the preferred choice.
  • Metal alloy used: some alloys are better suited to one method than the other.
  • Component size: for large components, cold chamber die-casting may be more economical.
  • Dimensional accuracy requirements: hot chamber die-casting generally ensures higher accuracy.


Hot chamber die castingHigh precision, excellent finish, high productivity
Cold chamber die castingStrong process, greater flexibility in alloy selection, lower tooling costs


  • Hot chamber die casting: automotive components (wheels, engines, frames), aerospace components (engines, fins, landing gears), electronics components (heat sinks, housings), household appliance components (handles, knobs, hinges)
  • Cold chamber die casting: components for the railway industry (bogies, frames, engines), components for the building industry (hinges, handles, bolts), components for agriculture (agricultural machinery, irrigation systems), components for street furniture (lampposts, benches, litter bins).

Agrati AEE: a reliable partner

Agrati AEE has a long experience in the design and production of die casting machines, offering customised solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Thanks to its high level of know-how and the use of state-of-the-art technology, Agrati AEE is a reliable partner for companies operating in various industrial sectors, guaranteeing them the highest quality and precision in the production of die-cast components.

Die casting machines are a fundamental tool for the production of high quality and precision metal components. The choice between hot chamber and cold chamber die casting depends on a number of project-specific factors. Agrati AEE, with its experience and expertise, supports its customers in selecting the most suitable technology for their needs, guaranteeing them customised, high-performance solutions.