September 11, 2023

Die casting machines in Industry 4.0

With the transition to Industry 4.0, Agrati’s investments have focused on research and development for the productive improvement of die-casting technologies and machines. The digital transformation of processes has been made possible thanks to the adoption of new tools, and today AGRATI AEE offers all companies interested in seizing the opportunities offered by the new industrial revolution a tangible competitive advantage.

Interconnected Systems and Continuous Monitoring

In the design, construction and optimisation of die casting machines, Agrati Aee takes into account the interaction that takes place with the major software in use for process simulation, and with the accessories/peripherals that constantly dialogue with the press to optimise the process. The press is the central heart of the production cell, both in terms of process and safety information exchange. Agrati AEE die-casting machines can be remotely controlled in case of process faults or process improvements, allowing complete supervision of their functions and procedures via computerised systems. This system makes our production process increasingly automated and reliable, responding quickly to customer needs and reducing downtime and intervention times.

The benefits of the 4.0 model

Today, Agrati Aee’s product range includes state-of-the-art presses that incorporate interconnected systems thanks to the know-how acquired over more than 80 years in the industry. These elements guarantee our customers die casting machines with a number of significant advantages in terms of handling, production capacity and product quality.

One of the main advantages is the greater simplicity and speed achieved through networking. In addition, we offer the possibility to monitor the status of machines and production in real time, and as mentioned before, allowing the rapid identification of faults or interruptions. We also guarantee constant updates and optimisation through remote control of the machines, ensuring that they are always aligned with occupational health and safety standards according to current directives.

Total interconnection between the different components is made possible through the use of advanced digital tools, interactive technologies and centralised databases. In addition, we support the integration and connection of Ethernet and fieldbuses to ensure smooth and continuous communication between all parties involved in the die-casting process.

Quality as a Priority

The priority for Agrati Aee is quality at the heart of every aspect of our production process. By adopting state-of-the-art technology and implementing Industry 4.0 principles, we are able to guarantee high quality standards in all our machinery.

Advanced Automation

Our die-casting machines are equipped with advanced automation features, allowing for continuous production and easy programming. Thanks to the Internet connection and the company network, it is possible to monitor and control these machines in real time, ensuring maximum operational efficiency.

The customer has the possibility of uploading the specific order from the company management system, monitoring the progress of production, and saving all the production data of the order once it has been completed. The press controls the production itself in real time, monitoring certain process parameters. 

Constant Monitoring

Constant monitoring of our presses and their processes allows us to quickly identify any potential problems and take prompt action to resolve them. This level of control allows us to avoid unplanned production stoppages, high intervention costs, and maintain high levels of productivity.

Continuous Updates and Optimisation

The digital nature of our machines allows us to carry out updates and optimisations quickly and without significant interruptions in production. This ensures that our machines are always aligned with the latest technology and safety standards.

Safety at Work

Safety at work is a top priority for Agrati Aee. Our machines are designed and built with the strictest safety regulations in mind. Constant supervision and remote access allow us to verify that the machines are operated safely and in compliance with all applicable regulations.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is another key aspect of our die casting machines (we were the first to install energy-efficient systems on die casting machines in 2009). Thanks to advanced automation and process optimisation, we are able to reduce energy consumption and minimise environmental impact by up to 77%.

Agrati Aee is committed to offering state-of-the-art die casting solutions for Industry 4.0. Our interconnected machines, continuous monitoring and focus on quality and safety enable us to meet the highest demands of our customers in any field. With our commitment to innovation and excellence, we are ready to meet the challenges of the new industrial era and lead the industry towards a digital and sustainable future.